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Long Haired Toy Chihuahua
Long Haired Toy Chihuahua

Long Haired Teacup Chihuahua For Sale Small
Chihuahua Dogs
Chihuahua Dogs

Chihuahua For Sale Small
Teacup Chihuahua
Teacup Chihuahua

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Rita Guajardo says:    

could you please send me a list of the teacup chicuahuas that you are giving away for free

aida rosado says:    

want a free chihuahua for my dog pinky

aimee says:    

hey is he or she sold :(

KRYSTAL says:    

hey i would really love to have one of your free teacap chihuahua please the one in 3 if not a boy please u can call me if u need to my # is 256 294-2370 thank u

Tammylinn says:    

where are you located and do you have any more for free

Patricia says:    

I'm looking for a chihuahua pup. I would like a chocolate female a.s.a.p.

ashley hernandez says:    

i would like to have one of your puppy that for free because my birthday is next month and i love that kind of dog or just text me 308225-1981

patricia cook says:    

would like to find out where I can get a puppy. had one for 14 years until he passed from old age.

patricia cook says:    

please tell me where I can find a teacup.

Grace Ray says:    

Would you send me pictures of Chihuahuas that are free

myrta guadalupe says:    

im looking for a mini chihuahua thats a boy and we have a yorkie tarrier for sale its a girl

Aimee Rodriguez says:    

Hi I'm Aimee I'm ISO A Male Chihuahua For My Lily If you have any avail please contact me @ (570))801-2349 Thanks And May God Bless

Aimee Kohler says:    

Hi my Name is Aimee I'm looking for a Male for my Female if you have one please Contact Me free would be great (570)801-1102 Thanks & May God Bless

Lisa West says:    

I would love to have a free female teacup chiwawa please call me. 706-889-6259

shelby gautreaux says:    

i would love a free female teacup chihiua puppy for my 4 yr old daughter if you could plz contact me

Stephanie A. McPhail says:    

Do you have any long haired miniture chihuahau's???

betty says:    

I am looking for a tea cup Chihuahua for my husband we lost our little girl of 16yrs n he misses her dearly he had a stroke n she was the best friend n loved her dearly I am the only one supporting the household n cant afford to by one but he is heart broken n wants another to hold n love.He would like a little girl but a boy would be fine

Patricia Dickerson says:    

I would like a free teacup chihuahua please call me in Delaware 302-429-6987.THANK YOU

Vicky says:    

Are they free

Grace Ray says:    

We have two Chihuahuas but they are getting old and we would like to have another little one before something happens to the other two. We would like to have a female short hair one that is free. My number is 570-541-5803 would you please call me I like to have one for my husband for Christmas. Thank you GRACE RAY

tina says:    

I am looking 4 a teacup chihuahua female want alittle companion

desarae bixler says:    

hi i have a male chihuahua 2 years old his mom is long haired dad is short haired and he is lonely needs a friend im looking for a male or female chihuahua my rocky has brendo colors please tell me where i can get a free chihuahua

Melissa Arce says:    

I'm in need of a tea chihuahua puppy for my childer.they had 2 but they paseed.those pups belong to father who also passed. so my kids are in need of that animal love again so please call me or email me please. my number is 832-607-8228 my email is melissaarce691@gmail.com

Grace Ray says:    

I would like to have a puppy like the number 3 in in this add a free one if possible a short hair puppy and a female for we have 2 others ones but they are getting old. would like to have one for Christmas if possible. my number is 570 541 5803

Nancy says:    

Hi, I've been looking for a Chihuahua for quite a long time now, I had a white 1 1/2 lbs full grown and when he passed away I Saud I would get another and I still hvent done it. My daughter loves dogs and I would like to get one for her. Please if you know of any or that is less than 5 lbs let me know thanks

Julius. Wright says:    

Hi i would like to have one of your Chihuahuas puppie if you still give them away and still have some if you do give me a call at 850-206-6580 thank and have a bless day

Rosa Zamot says:    

Hello, I am inquiring about the free teacup chihuahua. What is required to obtain one?

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Jonathan says:    


How much for the male

Jonathan says:    


How much for the male

Patricia says:    


Do you have any teacup chihuahua puppies

Lisa halsdorf says:    


Call about availability 518 898 6350

Miya Taylor Ponsetto says:    


Looking to give him a home. Call/text 8058134601

Rosa Zamot says:    


Hello, I am inquiring about the free teacup chihuahua. What is required to obtain one?

Trish says:    


Do u have puppies for sale?

Virginia salton says:    


I just love this little fur baby .,, i want 0ne to love.

Maykel Garcia says:    


Call me pls I want a chihuahua girl

Stephanie Maney says:    


I am looking for a female Chihuahua puppy for my daughter.

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